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In addition to being a trusted Sourcing partner , smarthertz also provides the proven capabilities to meet our customer’s offshore supply chain management needs. We have the international offshore connections to meet your demands, while reducing contract and manufacturing costs. All of this is done while providing you with complete transparency of operations and the inventory management outsourcing process. We provide a way to acquire continuous synchronization between product demand and order fulfillment, utilizing the best logistical cutting-edge technologies. Offshore Supply Chain Management Processes

Proper supply chain management outsourcing involves collaborative work between buyers and suppliers, joint product development, common systems, and shared information. At Sun Fast International we can control this continuous information flow, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business. The following bulleted list contains an example of the aspects of inventory management outsourcing and the processes that are involved in creating a fully customized approach for your business.

Manufacturing-flow management
Supplier-relationship management
Product development and commercialization
Returns management
Customer-relationship management
Customer-service management
Demand-management style
Order fulfillment

Customised Distribution Network is our Speciality

Choosing the Right Distribution Channel

Not all distribution channels work for all products, so it's important for companies to choose the right one. The channel should align with the firm's overall mission and strategic vision including its sales goals.

Smarthertz Development

Smarthertz is developing a procurement platform for the Sourcing industry to lower procurement costs and standardize the ordering processes between suppliers and contractors. One third of the Construction costs are caused by material costs .Due to strong market fragmentation on the supplier side, costly product and price search, inefficient order channels, and uncertain availability, construction companies and craft businesses have been allocating too many resources to material procurement. On its commerce platform, smarthertz offers these companies increased price transparency, time savings, service, and already through a high level of material data and intelligent data-driven interfaces. By bundling procurement channels, automating information flows, standardizing interfaces, establishing process standards, and providing qualitative master data, smarthertz will redefine Sourcing processes in the future with there expertise and connectivity operating between clients and sourcing channels through the most flexible distribution channels that come with precision ,quality and hassel free logistics

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Smarthertz is a International sourcing company which mainly deals with Infrastructure sourcing projects The company has earned recognition for undertaking complex projects

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